Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Moleskine Notebooks | FREE Wedding Planning Templates

I'm going to let you in on a little secret: I'm a moleskine notebook junky.

I currently have, I think, 12 journals to my name (and that's just the ones living within my line of vision at this very moment), including but not limited to: City Notebook New York, Folio Plain Book A3, Folio Sketchbook A4, Volant Large Ruled Journal, Set of 3 Ruled Cahier Journals, Set of 3 Plain Cahier Journals - Pocket Kraft Brown, Plain Cahier Pocket Kraft Brown Journal with a Frappucino logo on (I don't even know!), Pocket Address Book, 18 Months Weekly Notebook Black Soft Cover Pocket 2011-2012, 12 Months Weekly Notebook Black Soft Cover Pocket 2011 (clearly I wanted to have 2011 thoroughly covered), and the 12 Months Monthly Notebook Black Soft Cover 2013. I'm out buying the next one while 3 more set on my desk at home unfinished. I know - I've got it bad.

Well, now I've just discovered something truly amazing... the online moleskine template downloads. Originally designed to be supplementary pages to notebooks in the possession of the moleskine obsessed, these templates are completely free and available for anyone to download (non-moleskine-obsessed-but-soon-to-be-converts included).

This discovery comes at the perfect time: right when I'm in the middle of planning a 2 week getaway at the end of this month and 20 different notes in 20 different places (on my desk, on my bed stand, in my iphone notepad... you get the idea) are quickly taking over my life. Their "Travel Journal" templates are guaranteed to streamline my various checklists, maps, notes, and emergency contact info scribbles - ultimately leading me to a much more pre-travel zen existence.

But what's better... I've just discovered they offer the same concept in the form of a "Wedding Journal". Gone are the days of 3-ring binders with pastel vinyl covers, synthetic ribbons, and rhinestoned bell clappers. You know what I'm talking about. I'm not knocking them - I mean, they make them for a reason! It's just not my speed. Streamlined, minimalistic and timeless is always my default.

Below are some samples of the Wedding Journal pages. They're obviously just a handful of a few of my favourites - but each pdf download has a comprehensive collections of pages dedicated to the various planning aspect of your day - Ceremony, Reception, Florals, Attire, and so on. Consider this a sort of "try before you buy"... but in this case you're not really buying, because they're completely FREE. Let me say that again:

They are FREE.

To download and print the templates for yourself just visit the moleskine template download page and block out the rest of your day for a closet Type-A's afternoon-of-fun dream.


Just a sample of my ever-growing moleskine notebook collection
Final Guest List - you have to make the cut off at some point.

Floral Planning - colours, frangrances, seasons...

His and Her Vows - I kind of love that they're flip flopped.

Sketch your dream dress (or for the drawing-challenged - aka 99% of the population - start a list of dress details you love).

Photographer Search notes - this one would apply to me ;)

Reception Playlist - it's your wedding, so you can totally play 90's love songs all night if you want and none of your guests can say a single word about it.

Seating Chart - the part where you really try hard to keep everybody happy.
Wedding Suit - it wouldn't hurt to keep these measurements on hand post-wedding as well.

Budget - that little number that just never seems to stretch as far as you'd like.

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