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Martha Stewart Weddings's 12th Annual Bridal Fashion Week Party | Starry Night


Martha Stewart Weddings's 

Suggested Attire: Something Sparkly!

I couldn't believe my eyes. It was an actual invite to the annual Martha Stewart Wedding Party. I was going to the Martha Stewart Wedding Party! There's just no way to keep calm about that!

And go, I did. But being that 80% of my closet consists of matte grey, navy, and black cotton/silk blends, my first order of business was to go out and get something sparkly... all the way down to iridescent rhinestones flats (I wish I could sport heels... I really do!). It was not just a stretch outside my comfort zone. We're talking about a quantum leap! But I was willing to do it for Martha. And I have to admit, it felt pretty good. That's not to say I'll make a radical shift and start bedazzling myself in bright colours and metallic sheen anytime soon, but I might just slip in a few sparkly accent accessories here and there. We'll see.

Now I know this was already 3 months ago (yikes!), but I just felt like I had to share some of the fun treats and incredibly talented vendors I discovered while I was there. Having the best of intentions to share my discoveries right after the party, a few months late is much better than never - am I right?

So here goes... just a few of the inspirational ideas I stumbled upon that fateful day back in October. No matter the theme of your fête - wedding or otherwise - I'm going to venture a guess and say you'll stumble upon at least one new idea that gets your creative wheels turning. Enjoy!


Martha Stewart's Iridescent, Hexagonal, and Star shaped glitter is a sophisticated new take on sparkle.

Designer Lolli's custom "Starry Heavens" design is so fun and brilliantly in-keeping with the evening's theme.

Again, not sure who made this, but it's like fun-on-your-finger. Being the glowstick nerd that I am, having a light up ring that constantly faded to new colours was just too much for me to handle!
S.W. Basics [of Brooklyn]'s 3 Ingredient Organic Cocoa Lip Balm may have a new convert. With their ethnically sourced all-natural sustainable minimalist skincare line, I can officially say "Bye Bye" to parabens.

Ladyfingers Letterpress Star Struck notepad with my name custom calligraphed on the cover. This was just one of their infinite custom handmade invitation & stationary designs. And the Martha Stewart Craft letter charm ribbon bracelet. So simple and so sweet.

Where to for the afterparty? Why, The Knot's Industry Gala at the New York City Public Library, of course! They didn't have goody stations, but they did have lots of good food :)

Plus a few iPhone pics from the evening, for all those fabulous discoveries I couldn't exactly take home with me...

Angel Eye Astrology (true to the party's "cosmic" tone) and the miraculous work of Blow Pro... their hairspray is amazing (this coming from the girl who usually detests putting products in her hair) and their talented team of stylists whipped me up a stunning fishtail side pony.

Mitchmallows's handmade marshmallows - with stars and moons, of course - and a personal favourite: My very own Glitter Toos star tattoo!

And then there were the wonderful inspiring ideas that didn't get pictured at all (sometimes you just gotta put down the camera and have a good time!) but are without question noteworthy. Such as:

* Hushed Commotion's uniquely and beautifully designed wedding day accessories.
* The adorably detailed Dragonfly Cakes 
* Fashion jewelry source Baublebar Weddings
* And my favourite of favourites: Spin Spun's gourmet cotton candy free of fat, gluten, nuts, artificial colors and flavours, preservatives, and dairy while also being 100% organic, Kosher, and less than 100 calories per serving... and the best part, it's served wound around a glow stick!

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