Friday, December 6, 2013

DUMBO Brooklyn Engagement Photographer | Jared + Danielle

Thirteen years. Let me say that again... Thirteen Years!

He played football. She was a cheerleader. It was the quintessential american highschool romance. And now, 13 years later, here they are. Navigating early adulthood life events - college, law school, and now emerging careers - they've stayed sweethearts and continued on to new adventures: buying a home, dreams of traveling, and getting a puppy (he's pretty sure its going to be a labrador... she's not so readily convinced).

Their thoughtfulness is inspiring - the sort that remembers me mentioning that I never leave home without a great scarf, and so they presented me with a stunning Indian wool weave upon our second meeting. Their affection is enchanting - the sort where he literally sweeps her off her feet to kiss her in the rain with New York City as their cinematic backdrop and later wraps her in his jacket when we pass through a wind tunnel strong enough for her waist-length hair to defy gravity. Their attention to detail is charming - the sort that has the groom collecting and sharing inspiration images from Pinterest for engagement session photo ideas.

So, in an afternoon of fun (and just about every weather phenomena known to this great city squeezed into a 2 hour window), we wandered through Brooklyn's DUMBO waterfront streets incorporating their affinity for one of American architecture's marvels - the Brooklyn Bridge.

Oh, and as for her amazing red boots... with a sideways glance at her groom-to-be... she swears she's had them for months ;)


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