Monday, November 25, 2013

Tribeca NYC Engagement Session | Kenny + Sasha

From the moment we met, we instantly bonded over a shared appreciation for the charms of Toulouse-Lautrec, the joys of knitting with fine quality yarn, and Californians' undeniable affection for linen texture. We parted ways with me referring to them as "instant friends" and them dubbing me their "photography soulmate". And then it got even better...

Theirs is the story of two stories so completely woven together they are nearly inseparable.

Sasha and Kenny met 6 years ago in an NYU dorm but their tale really began one fateful day at a charming restaurant nestled on the corner of Church and Walker. The first time, the air was filled with an excitement of something new. The second time, it was filled with an excitement of something forever. After dinner, they walked through the streets of Tribeca winding their way toward the Hudson river. The first time, he was so nervous he couldn't get up the courage to hold her hand. The second time, he was so nervous that he couldn't let go. When they reached the water's edge, they found a bench and watched the lights of Hoboken twinkling in the distance. The first time, they stared out across the river at what they did not yet know would someday be their home. The second time, he could see only her as he spoke those four powerfully simple words: "Will you marry me?"

While it was incredible to have an exclusive tour of this uniquely meaningful route - initially for their first date and later for the day he proposed - it was more special yet that through recapturing both stories during their engagement session I had the honor of being part of it's history-in-the-making for a third time :) And the best part? When we reached that notorious bench all together, this bench I had heard so much about, right there in front of my lens he held her hand and asked her once again to be his wife.

Melt. My. Heart.


LOVE that they scouted this spot and were super excited that it would have my last name in the shot (well, almost... "Kruse" and "Kruz"... pretty much the same thing) ;)

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