Thursday, November 21, 2013

NYC City Hall Wedding Photographer & Brooklyn Bridge Portraits | Kevin + Ryan

"Love is a marathon" - a beautiful, and not unfamiliar, metaphor. Putting one foot in front of the other for a consecutive 26.2 miles requires commitment, discipline, and passion... or so I hear ;)

The only thing better than flying to New York City to run alongside your partner in one of the world's greatest marathons is planning to also marry your numero uno during your visit. And the only thing better than that incredible combo, is having some of your closest friends along to cheer you on for both.

Having met 10 years ago, Kevin and Ryan have traveled the country and globe ... ahem, London!... running side by side* in some of the most famous marathons (*as is evident by their syncopated feet in ALL of the "walking" photos during their portraits - no really, scroll to the bottom to see for yourself!). Amidst the years and countless adventures, they'd talked of marriage on numerous occasions but the day-to-day, as it so often does, just seemed to be busy with life events both big and small.

"We love New York!" this Utah duo eagerly proclaimed. So, this being their 2nd New York City Marathon together - in addition to traveling here several times a year for good times with friends in the big city - they thought it only natural to finally take that leap and make it "official" in one of their favourite cities in the world.


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