Tuesday, November 5, 2013

NYC City Hall Wedding Photographer | Jess + James

"We're a bit geeky. But we're the quiet type of geeky, as in you wouldn't know unless you really knew us, " James smiled with his southern drawl. Geeky - as in the bride crocheting her bouquet and his boutonniere (the final details of which came together while waiting for their number to be called at city hall) and the groom sporting Spock socks on their wedding day. THAT kind of *awesome* Geeky.

Jess, the self-dubbed "crafty type", also hand made her dress for this very special occasion. And it was purple, her favourite colour. Having met many years ago while in school, James had since moved across state borders until they reconnected on Facebook (of all places!) and love pulled him back to Knoxville to be with Jess. This moment, 5 years in the making, was incredibly important to them... and so was doing it their very own "simple" way. So they quietly escaped to NYC for an intimate City Hall wedding.

And their ceremony was just that - calm, sweet, and incredibly unique. Incorporating Jess's love of trains with this great city's MTA Subway, and rounding off the day with their personal favourite - sipping really good Stumptown coffee... heart patterns and all.



  1. That guy at city hall is always at my weddings. Bonus points if you guess the infamous person he resembles...