Wednesday, November 13, 2013

NYC City Hall Wedding and Highline Portraits | Anastasia + Conrado

This is a tale of two cities... but the *lots and lots of happiness in the 21st century* version.

Anastasia and Conrado were first introduced by a mutual friend 10 years ago. But that wasn't their time yet. Next, during a trip to France 6 years ago she called him up for a visit and they connected once more. But that wasn't their time yet either. Then May of this year, with Anastasia living in San Francisco and Conrado in Paris, they reconnected on facebook and began a long distance romance that led to them meeting midway to marry in New York. This was their time.

An international couple through and through - with an American Russian bride and a French Brazilian groom - they speak 5 languages between them. And there to celebrate with them for their romantic destination wedding were both their families, flying in from around the world, and the friend who started it all.

After a weekend of newlywed adventures in the Big Apple (and a portrait session with me at the Highline!), their separate flights took them opposite directions - his flying east to France and hers west back to California... "But only until her visa goes through and she can join me in France," Conrado smiled as he stole a glance at his stunning new bride.

Theirs is a love that truly transcends international waters.


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