Friday, October 25, 2013

New York Mag Weddings Winter 2014 | Featured Photographer

"Are you so excited?" asked my friend (and fellow wedding photographer) this past Tuesday.
"Um, sure, why?" I responded with a slightly confused but optimistic expression.
"Haven't you seen it? You're on the New York Mag Wedding Photographer list!!!!" she squealed.
"Oh? That's great," I responded, still a little caught off guard.
"You're way too calm about this. Don't you understand, they only accepted 8 new photographers - and you made it!" She then pulled out the magazine for extra effect - flipping through the pages before she landed on the "M"'s, and enthusiastically pointed her finger. Sure enough, there I was... "Melissa Kruse Photography" blazing in red, the proud colour of inaugural listings.

It took a minute for everything to sink in. I was still kind of lost in my thoughts about that really delicious Odwalla smoothie I had just finished drinking. But then it hit me... Oh my God! I'm in NEW YORK MAG! I had been dreaming about being on this must-have-resource-guide-to-planning-a-New-York-wedding for the last 2 and a half years. And now there I was.

I can not express in words how honored I feel to be listed among the many talented wedding experts this great city has to offer.


p.s. Even if you didn't have a chance to get your hands on a print copy, you can check out the New York Mag Wedding Guide Photographer Directory here.

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