Monday, September 16, 2013

Lasdon Park, NY Wedding | 2nd Shooting

I love second shooting! There, I said it.

Don't get me wrong - shooting my own weddings (whether its photography through my studio or cinematography as an associate at Films by Francesco) is an incredible experience. Embarking with a couple on a journey in the months leading up to their wedding as we discuss details of their day and how I'm going to capture memories that will last a lifetime... well, my heart swells just thinking about it.

But as a second shooter I get to take pictures alongside one of my many photography friends and have double the fun (with said friend/photographer) with the added luxury of a "show-up and shoot" environment. I'm challenged with the opportunity to shoot from a different perspective and see things in a *fresh way* so that my resulting images compliment the first shooter's angles. It's a fantastic creative experience, and is almost like a mini-vacay... but I'm working... but it doesn't really feel like it!

Here's a gorgeous wedding, set in New York's Lasdon Park, that I photographed with my good friend and fellow wedding photographer, Caroline Frost of Frost Photography. As her second shooter, I was able to capture some unique moments I might otherwise not be able to catch if I was the first shooter. You'll see what I mean...

I capture only a couple of the bride's details before moving on to my priority, as 2nd shooter, of the getting-ready-portion of the day: the guys.

Photographing the groom and groomsmen getting ready is a real treat - one of the many unique joys of 2nd shooting! They're generally very relaxed and just having a good time.

Documenting the groom as he waits for the first-look moment with his bride... the building anticipation is so adorable.

Portraits are a great opportunity to be creative with angles and lenses. The first photographer goes tight? I go wide! The first photographer shoots straight on. I come in from the side! It's a beautiful dance, really :)

I can't help but get a few shots of Caroline making her magic. I feel like one of the greatest gifts a 2nd photographer can give is a fly-on-the-wall view of the 1st photographer hard at work.

The absolute best is when we tag-team during portraits to create a mix of different posing ideas. That's when working with a friend makes it even that much more fun!

Catching the in-between moments during bridal portraits - so much fun!

I have plenty of time to capture those great candids during the pretty pretty sunset hour cocktails. Delicious. On so many levels!

Then one of my favourites... details! And doing them at a much more relaxed pace is such a rare treat.

And then there's the party. The only difference here is making sure my angle compliments that of the first photographer... because really, who doesn't love a good party?

My favourite of them all: this girl never stops smiling during dancing photos. She's an absolute all star! 

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  1. melissa, these are absolutely GORGEOUS! i die for that wide shot of the b&g walking away through the trees, with the sunflare in the corner of the frame. so so beautiful. we need to shoot together again! :D