Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A new identity | Melissa Kruse Photography

At the beginning of the year I decided to undertake a big project: rebranding and renaming my photography business. Having been on my mind for a couple years (you can't imagine how many times people would say "MLKL? What's that?"), I finally resolved to take the plunge and introduce the world to my newly self-titled services.

But I couldn't do it alone. I had the consolation of an incredible talent, Elizabeth Person, to help me sever ties with my old identity. A design and watercolor guru, she took an idea and about 5,000 descriptive words (I exaggerate, but only by a little) to dream up what would become the new face of my business.

So, amidst website/blog/social media changeover, not to mention all the back end/far less glamorous stuff, I'm moving away from MLKL Photography and toward a newer, simpler, more edifying brand.

Allow me to introduce, Melissa Kruse Photography :)


Combining design and watercolour - what Elizabeth does best.
The best compliment I've received so far is from a current bride who, after turning my business card over in her hands, looked at me and smiled, saying "They're so ethereal". I couldn't have been happier :)

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