Thursday, May 16, 2013

Revisiting my Roots | Holga Film

One of my best kept secrets is that when I got my start in photography almost 10 years ago, it was with a family heirloom Canon AE-1 35mm camera and film that I rolled, developed, and printed in my very own darkroom. I used to swear that digital would never take off and even if it did, I'd never jump on board. Well, those are two "nevers" that clearly didn't stick ;)

The awful truth is, despite my love for the tactile process of film (winding the film between exposures, inspecting the negatives against a lightbox and circling my selects, and holding my handcrafted prints) I've let it fall by the wayside as the convenience of digital took a stronghold on the market.

While these images hardly hold a light to that deeply involved process, the Holga is a fun & almost effortless attempt at diving back into the magical world of film. Despite its differences (120mm instead of 35mm, absolutely no manual controls, and the drop-off-developing cheater system) I feel a rise of excitement and art in the anticipation of discovering the treasures I've managed to stamp on the film.

This last roll revealed a delicious collection of images...

Oh, and yes - the bottom right corners bare a litte sneak preview of my new logo & branding. But shhhhhhh... more to come on that very soon!

A roll ending mid-photo is just one of the many charming quirks of shooting film.
Cherry Blossoms & Pink Tulips in the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens
Jane's Carousel & the Brooklyn Bridge at Brooklyn Bridge Park
Last summer's "Deer Bride" Styled Shoot at The Foundry (shows how old this roll was... shame on me!)

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