Thursday, January 3, 2013

Central Park | Pretty Little Lady Kate

Well, here it is... 2013. Having come upon me at lightening speed.

And instantly my mind reels with the many many things I intended to wrap up in 2012. So in an effort to lay the previous year to rest and quickly embrace the countless mysteries of the year to come, my next few posts will be throwbacks to some of the highlights of bygone months.

So, in the spirit of paying homage to years past, here's one cutie I just can't get enough of. Since migrating exclusively into the realm of weddings, it's very rare that I photograph families anymore. But every once in a while there is an adorable clan I just can't refuse. Especially when I've had the privilege of watching their little one grow from baby to toddler to little lady. It's just too fun!

They're the clients-turned-friends whose out-of-the-blue phone call brings the brightest smile to my voice. My heart instantly leaps with excitement at the thought of seeing them again... and the moment they mention a photo session with me a simple, enthusiastic "When?" instantly escapes my lips.

So here she is. Just a few select images from my session with pretty little lady Kate.

* In case you hadn't noticed... lollipops were the unintentional theme of this session. Lots and Lots of Lollipops! How many can you count?

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