Friday, December 7, 2012

Stealing Away

So, clearly I fell off the radar for a little while...  2 months to be exact.

And the first thing I will say is, you should try it. It felt amazing!

It all began when I decided to visit my sister for a week and a half in Maine starting the middle of October - my sister who has a house on a river in the back woods of a very recluse mountainside. Perfection, right? Well it was! I had to drive 5 miles to the nearest "hotspot" to get any kind of cell service, and more often than not internet was out of the question.

Living in a city that never turns off, it's exactly what I had been craving! And that's not to say I didn't keep working. I did. I got caught up on editing, created a short styled film, had a couple shoots featured on national blogs, arranged a print publication with a major UK bridal magazine... but minus all the distraction of menial messages & alerts constantly bombarding me and eating up my precious attention, focus, and time.

It did me wonders to slow down, stay focused, and enjoy a mid morning hike in the mountains if and when the mood struck. Inspiration was everywhere around me.

Ten days quickly turned into 3 and a half weeks. The onslaught of Hurricane Sandy certainly helped in my decision to stay away from NYC just a little bit longer, but truth be told, I probably would have jumped at any excuse to stay... especially when I realized I could massage my work schedule and rearrange my shoots accordingly.

So in the coming weeks I will make every attempt to catch up on sharing all the wonderful things that have been happening in my world, but in the meantime, here's a little peak into my new Neverland...

I had my very own jeep for the duration of my stay... driving a jeep in the mountains... does it get any better?

I quickly discovered the local alpaca farm... and instantly I was in heaven.


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    1. They are!!! My favourite creatures in the world! All except the tall skinny brown one who stands alone - she's a llama :)