Monday, May 14, 2012

Wedding Albums | True Works of Art

Those who know me best will attest to the fact that I don't do anything half-way. Thus, it has taken me nearly 18 months to settle on an album.

I was surprised when a friend recently told me, "You have a strong sense of what you want and what you're attracted to. You don't tend toward the traditional or the popular. You find what inspires you and run with it."

Apart from being surprised at her insight (and blushing with gratefulness for her generous words), I came to realize the truth and application of what she had so kindly pointed out. 

I search high and low, near and far, to discover the best of the best. I would rather not buy anything at all, than to buy something I don't absolutely love. A recent example is a scarf I bought just today. I almost bought a similar scarf last spring (yes, over one year ago) but, despite it being the right shape, brand, price, material, and pattern, it wasn't quite the right shade of blue... yes, I really do get that specific! I've agonized over finding the perfect scarf all these months - and just today I found it. The soft pinks perfectly match the hue of my rosy cheeks and the blue is a lovely compliment to my azure eyes. And just imagine my glee when, after all these months, I finally found what my heart desired!

The moral of this story? If I'm going to be so thoughtful about a simple scarf, you can bet I'm going to scrutinize every detail of a product that is an extension of my art and brand.

If I'm going to provide my clients with an album, then give me the softest leather, the cleanest design, the sharpest matte prints, and the prettiest cover. And, by George, I've found it! 

These stunning albums, handmade in Italy, are complete with distressed leather - meaning they are a beautiful creamy hue of ivory that won't scratch or scuff. Images laser printed directly on photographic paper and finished with a satin laminate lends the perfect blend of extraordinarily crisp prints with an overall soft matte appeal. Thick sturdy pages keep prints flat and protected. All complimented, of course, with layouts and album design by yours truly .

Customized debossed text lends a subtle touch of elegance.

Perfectly tucked edges frame a die-cut cover image for a clean classic look.

The album - a 12"x16" beauty.

Satin laminate photographic paper pages with laser printing lend the sharpest images with the softest touch. 

60 bound photographic pages = a truly custom art book.

A warm buttery distressed ivory toned Italian leather... oh-so soft. 


  1. gorrrrrrgeous! i want to touch it and hold it and flip through the pages!! which reminds me... when can we see each other again?!?