Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend | North Carolina Lake House Retreat

I had the pleasure of spending this past Memorial Day weekend with an inaugural visit exploring the charm of North Carolina and enjoying a little rest & relaxation in the company of friends. Kicking up my feet in a close-knit community on the shores of Lake Norman, this was the perfect mini-escape from the usual hustle & bustle of city life. With a friend's parents serving as our gracious hosts, the weekend was full of all the ingredients to make up a perfect weekend get-away: water activities, boating, meals, meals and more meals (we honestly never stopped eating!).

Not to mention the inspiration! With a family that has not only lived abroad, but travels the world internationally on a nearly constant basis (they have Turkey, France, Australia, and Asia on the books for the next couple of months alone!), their home paints an eclectic style borrowed from a vast collection of adventures. What's more, their overwhelming kindness and generosity was so prevalent in everything they did, making it that much more of an honor to spend several days enjoying tales of their wisdom and experience.

My favourite furniture item in the house, this sofa has traveled the world, having once graced the family's home in Paris.

An authentic antique chandelier graced the entryway.

Picking up fresh tulips on our way to the house, these beauties lent a gorgeous pop of colour all through the weekend. And what a treat to look through family wedding photographs dating back to the early 1900's!

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