Thursday, May 17, 2012

Featured | Published on Style Me Pretty

I am so excited I'm about ready to burst!

Ever since Thursday of last week I've had to keep a wonderful secret all to myself... but I am so relieved to say I can finally fill you in!

Last week I received a very exciting email from Style Me Pretty (one of the leading wedding blogs!) saying they want to publish my Brooklyn Styled Bridal Shoot. My very. first. publishing! Of course I squealed with delight!

Being on Style Me Pretty is fantastic (and not only because of the rad little badge they give me to put on my website). Just one month ago I was saying how I really wanted to be published... I was done dipping my toes in the water. I wanted to belly flop right in the middle of the pond with all the industry movers and shakers. So an idea quickly turned into some research which quickly turned into compiling a submission packet and doing the most nerve racking step of all - actually submitting!

"What if they don't like it?" "What if they laugh at me?" "What if they wonder who I think I am?"
I'd like to pretend these thoughts didn't race through my head as my finger hovered over the submit button... but then again if they didn't I probably wouldn't be human! I'd also like to pretend I didn't check the status of my submission every couple of hours for the next two days. But I'm way too transparent.

So when my iPhone inbox pinged with the arrival of a new email and I casually glanced to see who it was from - my heart nearly stopped. Everything froze around me as I read the subject: "Style Me Pretty Submission" and read the preview of the email body: "Congratulations, this submission has been selected for publication..." It was one of the best feelings :)

I'd like to think that several years down the road I'll maintain a cool & calm demeanor when receiving news of my work being published. That, however, will likely never happen :)

You can check out the Style Me Pretty feature here. And be sure to leave some comments and likes while you're there, so they know just how much I am loved ♥.


  1. Congratulations dear :)
    I'm glad you get to spread the cheer now.

  2. Congrats Melissa :) This photo shoot was fantastic! It's sooo romantic! Cheers to many more!

  3. Awesome job Melissa just breath takin love it Cousin Cheryl