Friday, April 13, 2012

My Photography Fashion | what I wear while I work

When it comes to being a photographer, I not only want to take great photos, I want to look great while I take great photos. I dedicate countless hours to finding the perfect blend of function & style - truly believing this is just one more avenue to express myself. Gone are the days of matching suits. Now it's all about an ensemble that truly speaks to who I am as an individual.

A couple years ago, while sitting in on one of my brother's university classes (being the overbearing micro-managing big sister that I am), I heard the lecturer explain to a room full of impressionable young minds that in order to have a successful interview and land a job you must wear a "x" suit and "y" shirt with "z" length hemlines. Oh, and girls... apparently we're supposed to wear our hair pulled back tight in a bun. In what world!?!?!? I immediately shot up my hand to ask the obvious question (at least it was obvious to me), "Then what sets you apart?"

Isn't our current culture all about expressing our individuality? I can only assume the thought behind a uniform is to let other characteristics shine... like intellect and talent. Both of which are great. But when did ability and style become mutually exclusive?

I'm proud to say I have never owned a suit. Well, that's not true. I bought one, stared at it for a few days, and then returned it. I just couldn't do it. Now don't get me wrong. If suits are your style, by all means - go at it! But the thought of people wearing them because they feel that's what they ought to do to be like everybody else... outrageous!

So, then, what do I wear? Why, I never though you'd ask :) Below is the bulk of my current "work" attire. It's still somewhat traditional (dark neutral tones, clean lines, etc), but that's because that's my style. I'm still professional, I still look classy, but there's just a little bit of Melissa woven throughout.

One of my favourite compliments was at a wedding I was shooting a couple weeks ago, when a dashing young guest walked past me, stopped, turned around, looked me over, and then said, "Girl, I like your style." That's gold right there.

And p.s. I'm really digging this new Pinterest thing, so stop by to see what else I add to my "while I work" and "my style" boards.

Hobo Bag Done Deal. The best "Marry Poppins" camera bag ever. (but in black) This bag can pack 2 camera bodies, 5 lenses, a flash, plus all the batteries/cards/everything-else a girl could want - and with two carry strap options! We're a match made in heaven. 

Kyler by Joy-O Minimal Hammered Hoops in Rose Gold. I wear these every day - both for play &  for work. Clean, unique, sophisticated, light weight... They're an easy way to instantly dress up any look.

Cydwoq Iota Boot in Black. The only shoe to wear. It's comfy, gorgeous, and hand made in the USA with vegetable dyed learther. Perfection.

'Tobis' Cropped Pant by BOSS Black. I searched high & low for the perfect pant. Comfortable, classy, deep pockets (to hold spare batteries & cards), tapered (so I wouldn't trip on the bottoms), and semi-high waisted (so I can bend over!). These pants have it all!

Lodis Williamsburg Smartphone Case. This things is awesome. It holds everything - my phone, cash, cards, ID,  headphones, spare hair binders... and it fits in my pocket! This girl's best friend.

Steven Alan Pamela Top. This top is gorgeous. Except mine is sans the polka dots.  Just the right amount of flow & fit. It's silk,  but its "inside-out" so it has a matte finish... which means its classy, but in a less obvious way. The neck line is also the perfect amount of modest.

Vince Envelope Sleeve Silk Blouse. This grey silk top is so easy. It keeps me cool and comfy while looking great all day long. My #1 go-to for everything.

Rag & Bone Francis Dress. For when I'm shooting something just a little extra special. The lamb leather bodice with the silk/linen blend pleated asymmetrical skirt is modern class with just a little bit of edge. It's pretty and bold & I love it!

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