Monday, April 2, 2012

The Making (and Magic) of a Styled Bridal Shoot - Part 2

Well, here we are, a little over a week after the date of our styled Bridal shoot.
And while I can't yet share the images with you* I can at least follow up my previous post on preproduction (tedious but incredibly informative) with a little ditty on production & post work.

*(they're finished, but I don't actually have first publishing dibs... so the only way to see them is to sidle up next to me and sneak a peak at the slideshow I just uploaded to my iphone. For the rest of you - I'll let you know as soon as they're online!)

So again with the fun stuff (ah hem).

Pre-Production (ctd).

So first - the final details of pre. I left off with my previous post still 2 days before the shoot date. In the day and a half that remained before the shoot, the following happened:

- Wednesday (2 days before shoot): Our "groom" suddenly couldn't make the shoot. And unfortunately our backup groom also couldn't make it because he was set to shoot with Steven Meisel the following day. (That seemed like a pretty good excuse). Thus, we suddenly found ourselves groom-less. So in the spirit of panic/adrenaline (the recipe for every good photo shoot) I promptly dialed the stylist & cinematographer to get everyone searching for a replacement. Within an hour we had a groom - a long time family friend/model/actor who I've been wanting to shoot for the past few years but never quite found the perfect project. Talk about divine intervention!

- Thursday (day before shoot): Scooted around Brooklyn with the stylist selecting & picking up styling elements (ie: rings, accessories, flowers, etc). Coordinated wedding gowns to be delivered by designer to the stylist. Met with model at the shooting location to scout prime photo spots for each chapter of our bridal story. Then finished it all off with a quick run to the liquor store for a bottle of sparkly - for the shoot! (of course).


On the day of the shoot, there is a sudden calm that sweeps over all (or at least me). It's go time. Everything is prepared, coordinated, perfected... now all thats left to do is shoot! Despite the millions of things that can (and inevitably do) go wrong, I slide into a zone where very little can shake me. That includes the stone falling out of the engagement setting (oh yes, it did!), the wedding cakes dissolving into mush before ever having the chance to photograph them, the makeup artist running more than 30 minutes behind, and finding out the morning of that we suddenly didn't have Jimmy Choos (or any bridal shoes, at all)!

As my stylist says, if something doesn't go wrong... then something is wrong!

But amidst all the craziness, there were so may things that went right! The weather was perfect. A light haze to diffuse the sky with just a pop of sun bouncing through to add beautiful highlights. And our team? Amazing. I'd worked with almost everyone at least once before... but never all together. And with 9 incredibly different, incredibly bold personalities there were so many ways the day could have gone. But everyone was fantastic - working together and pitching in wherever and whenever needed. This was by far one of the most fun shoots I have ever done!

Post Production.

Well first of all - the cinematographer totally beat me to the punch... showing me a rough cut of his final reel before I'd ever even had a chance to begin looking at my photos! And I have to say - it's gorgeous... I can't wait to share what he got!

But from a photography perspective, post proceeded as follows...

Without boring you with too many details: I began post, as I always do, in Lightroom. Most everything I could ever need and want can be found there (especially with the new Lightroom 4!). But, per my routine, I brought my final selects (about 100 or so images) into Photoshop for just a little extra TLC. Not much. I don't like heavy editing. One of the best compliments I've frequently received is that my images have a very clean & natural look to them (ie: sans heavy editing). So it's quickly in and out of Photoshop for me!

And then that's it. As I said, they're all finished.. but not yet able to be released. So until I can share, here are some other fun images to quench your curiosity:

Me with my incredible models at the end of a long day!

About half our team lasted till the very last hour - and with smiles on their faces! I ♥ them all.

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