Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Little Sprout | Born in Brooklyn

A little while back, I posted a teaser of this adorable sprout. And now here I am (though more than a week later - as was promised), posting a broader collection of this little one's big debut!

Being born to a beautiful Brooklyn family, even at just one week this baby has style. But then again, this comes as no surprise... seeing as how he has two adorable big sisters and one of the most style savvy mums this side of the East River. All those yummy neutral tones and quietly unique styling elements are this photographer's dream come true! As if that weren't enough, the mum also had this incredible pinterest board of photo ideas that she was excited to try during our session. It was a bit like having a creative director on board - and I loved it! And I just have to say - she was the most relaxed postnatal mum. Ever!

This being my 3rd photo session with this family, each time I fall more and more in love (to see their previous sessions, click here and here). Between the big smiles I receive when I walk in the door and the pampering with hugs and kisses from the youngest daughter, I get so excited simply to spend time with them!

And now here's just a sliver of what we captured...

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