Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Australian Guitar Duo

A little over a month ago, friend and extraordinarily talented classical guitarist, Rupert Boyd, released a new album with his Australian Guitar Duo counterpart, Jacob Cordover. With Rupert based in New York City, and Jacob in Barcelona, the pair opted to record just outside of London back in August. With the album release in February, and the two just coming off a month long Australian tour, there is much excitement surrounding the new recording.

So imagine my delight when I opened the sleeve to see my photos staring back at me! I knew they were planning to use a couple of my images for the new album (images that were captured nearly 2 years ago on a particularly casual Saturday afternoon), but I had no idea which ones... so it was quite the treat to receive the finished copy.

Songs from the Forest is available online through CD Baby and iTunes.

Equus Baying at Red Moon (detail), Phillip Houghton, acrylic on paper, c.1978
My very first centerfold. Look closely and you'll actually see me taking the photo (in the mirror behind them).

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