Friday, February 24, 2012

Thank You | the impact of a lost art

I am learning more and more the value in the increasingly lost art of a truly heart felt and hand written 'thank you' note.

It seems that in our current culture, people opt for a quick one sentence email or, more common yet, a text stating a simple "thx"- and that's if any resemblance of a 'thank you' is even sent at all! Now I get that our generation is all about convenience and speed, but I have found a personal note of gratitude to be irreplaceable. I had a client a couple years ago even go so far as to send me a beautiful gift and hand written note of appreciation. It wasn't until that moment that I realized how much of a blessing such a gesture can really be to someone.

Thus, I have taken it upon myself, in a fit of thankfulness, to make customized 'thank you' cards that truly reflect just how much I care. With the image and design both being created by yours truly, they are printed with a satin finish and paired with a luxurious linen envelope. I find that if I have a truly beautiful 'thank you' card that I just don't want to keep to myself, then I might find myself seeking opportunities to feel a lot more thankful in the weeks to come ;)

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  1. love it!! so important. it's amazing how a little note makes a HUGE difference!!