Tuesday, February 14, 2012

♥ My Funny Valentine(s) ♥...

Sweet comic valentine.
You make me smile with my heart.
Your looks are laughable.
Yet you're my favourite work of art.

I love Sinatra. Always have. Always will. While all the other girls were dancing to Backstreet Boys and going googly over Justin Timberlake, I was swooning over the king of swoon himself. I was stocking up on his albums at the ripe age of 13, getting lost in the sweet melody of his irresistible charm. But that's just me. I'm admittedly a romantic. Not a hopeless one. But a romantic nonetheless.

Which is why, for this very special day of Amore, I am so fortunate to have many valentines (Yes plural!) in my life. I have the joy of greeting love at my mailbox, with the ever reliable and greatly anticipated V-day card from my Mom and Grandmom. While it isn't Valentine wishes in the traditional sense, it sure feels good to be reminded of how big their hearts are... even when they're 1,000 miles away.

And it can't be just me. Tell me I'm not alone. I mean, your mom and grandmom send you cupid cards too, right?

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