Tuesday, February 21, 2012

buried treasure | the allure of slides

Buried in the darkest corner of the deepest basement antique shop, I found gold. Photographer's gold that is. A bin of no less than 200 Davidson lantern photographic slides dating back to... well, I don't know. But they're old (I'm thinking 1950's). And I sifted through each and every one, sitting on the dusty tattered carpet holding each slide up to the flickering fluorescent light fixture overhead. I wanted to adopt them all. Make a beautiful stained glass window out of them (I still intend to do this some day very soon). But due to budget and luggage restraints (I was 1,000 miles from my Brooklyn abode with only a carry-on to hold all of my newly acquired treasures), I narrowed it down to my favourite 5. That's right. Five.

And here they are...


  1. beautiful!!
    a whole stained glass window would be incredible!!

  2. So peaceful and comforting! They are beautiful :)