Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I ♥ Pretty Little Things

♥ pretty little things. Truly I do. So much, in fact, that I purchased a brand new lens that specializes in capturing the beauty of the tiny wonders that surround me. A beautiful Macro. L series glass, of course (for all the photog tech geeks out there). And look at all the delightful delicacies I captured within 5 ft of my desk...

and to see other things I love...

new buds have appeared on my orchid plant... and, seeing as how i thought it was dead, i couldn't be more excited!

aforementioned orchid plant AND... a current project i'm working on: silk knotted necklace with abalone and swarovski crystals.
i was thrilled to find this spartaflex camera buried in the basement of a midwest antique store - and for just $12 it quickly found a home amidst the congregation of cameras adorning my shelf.

this is like a "what is this?" game with a magnified view of an object. so what is this? the ear tip of my new retro bifocals... shot THROUGH the bifocals! (note the slight hint of the frame in the foreground)

a recent gift: the daintiest of dainties, i'm completely smitten with this vintage double strand gold chain bracelet.

an old favourite but a new addition to my collection. the ever fabulous - kaleidoscope.

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