Wednesday, January 25, 2012

digital aficionados | the latest mlkl photo gift set

I love quality goods. Give me the finest silk and I will bury my fingers in its lustrous goodness until the moon rises high in the sky. Tan me a new satchel and I will scour the globe for the softest of leathers (fortunately, I live in Brooklyn, so I don't have to travel far). It's a great weakness of mine. I'm a sucker for beautiful things.

And so, in the spirit of always striving to improve upon the quality of my brand, I have just introduced a new luxury item I can't wait to get my client's hands on!

For all my "digital album" aficionados, I now offer a charming maple swivel usb with custom engraving nestled in an elegant gift box set. This totally blows my previous digital cds out of the water!

With it's super soft exterior (hmm, what to compare it to. Butter? Yes butter.) I seriously can't stop touching it... which is exactly why this particular set will remain a sample item.

The box, with it's luxe leathery interior, comes complete with fully customizable engraving as well (mlkl photo logo shown here for my sample piece only). And paired with its suede lined sleeve, this gift box set couldn't be lovelier. Unless, of course, it was yours to keep. Lucky you - it can be ;)

To learn more about the photo sessions this heart-warming lovely accompanies, drop me a note!

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