Thursday, January 19, 2012

the ::art:: of giving

♥ love  gift giving.

So much, in fact, that upon receiving a polly pocket for my 5th birthday (much to my delight!) I promptly re-gifted it to a friend when I saw how much she enjoyed playing with it. You know the one. Circa the 1980's it looked a little something like this. To my mother's dismay, I've lost many a precious 'toy' this way.

I'm the sort of lady who would find joy in whisking a friend off to a tropical paradise for her birthday or lavishing a dear gal pal's baby bump with the finest silks money can buy. But alas, I am not a millionaire. Fortunately I have my whole life to work towards that goal. But that doesn't mean I can't have a bit of fun pampering those around me right now...

So, in the spirit of giving, I have designed a new gift certificate for MLKL Photography. Fresh off the press, these cards are divine. Soft hues, boutique lettering, and a buttery satin finish leave these gifts feeling (and looking) oh-so-special. You just want to glide them into the hand of a loved one and say with a smile "Just thinking of you". Or at least I do. I'm convinced they could make a gift giver out of anyone ;)

And here's my *brief* plug: these certificates are good toward a photo session, wedding or print package. With no limit on how much you give, you can show someone exactly how much you care. Or (wink wink) send a not-so-subtle hint to a loved one letting them know how much you'd truly appreciate a little in-front-of-the-camera regale, and have them email me at for more details.

Now, you might ask -  What's with the orchid? It's a gift I received for my birthday nearly one year ago, and for the first time in 10 months blossoms are beginning to open... just in time, again, for my birthday! I'm a little obsessed.. and it likely won't be the last time they make an appearance on this blog.

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