Monday, November 7, 2011

Putting Down the Camera... Well, Almost.

Yesterday was a beautiful day to wander the pathways of Manhattan's Central Park. After finishing a morning family portrait session (images soon to come!), my favourite boots carried me from the furthest upper West Side corner down around the north curve of the Jackie O. Reservoir and across to the east side, where I eventually exited the park and waved hello to the Guggenheim and Metropolitan museums... all the while making my way to the Frick Collection to meet up with a friend visiting from out-of-town. A perfect Sunday.

Along the way I was surrounded by rich golden rays glistening off the lake as they reflected trees just peaking in their autumn hues. At the far side of the park I could hear loud cheers and clanging bells encouraging the runners of this year's New York marathon. And how fortunate that I had all of my camera gear already in tow!

But did I take one single photo? Well, yes. In fact, I took three. Of the very pretty tall feather grass hugging the lake's edge. Is that it? Um, yep. And I call myself a photographer!

But you know, one thing I've learned is that sometimes you need to just put down the camera and bask in the joy and serenity of the moment. Especially the very best moments! Because while those are what might make the best photographs, they are also what make the best memories. Which is what I will have to cherish of yesterday's very wonderful wander - along with these three beautiful photographs ;)

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