Friday, October 14, 2011

:: there's no place like home ::

There's really no place like home. Which is why last week I dusted off my boots and loaded up my duffle bag to visit my darling hometown in Minnesota.

Now, I may be from the midwest, but I'm no child-of-the-corn. I'm a city girl through and through. Thing is though, when you live in Minnesota, you only have to drive 15 minutes out of the city and you're surrounded by corn and wheat fields as far as the eye can see.

So, in pursuit of reliving fond harvest-time memories (and creating new ones), I hopped in the car (mum and family dog in tote) and went for a drive out to farmland USA.

Side note: my trip was prompted by an invite to share in the joy and celebration of a longtime travel buddy's nuptials. The marriage ceremony took place in a beautiful barn in Independence, Minnesota, and can I just say - mix a barn with a graphic designer/photographer's creative eye, and you have one gorgeous wedding. And lucky me, I got to kick back and enjoy the entire evening as a guest (!).

Everything about our expedition was unforgettable, from the dramatic sky with sun streaking through heavy clouds to afternoon rays glowing behind peak-autumn leaves. Even rotten apples couldn't sour our perfect day. And remember those fuzzy little caterpillars? I love those little creatures! Despite the fact that they used to always poop on my finger when I'd pick them up. Well, we found one inching its way along amidst the corn :) What a treat!

And as the the sun tucked below the horizon, the stars decorated the full-moon sky as farmers entered their fields to harvest the final crop of the season.

So the song of the week? After a very astute suggestion from my mum, we landed on Neil Young's "Harvest Moon". Consider listening to it as you browse the photos ;)

My Beloved Minneapolis.
Love my doggie! Look at that face :)

Photo Credit: My Mum. Photo talent just abounds in this family ;)

I love me some fuzzy caterpillars.
One word: Breathtaking.

Even the rotten apples were pretty that day!

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  1. this post makes me miss fall in the north, great job.