Thursday, October 27, 2011

A New Season

Polka dots. Cowgirl hats. Super hero capes. Really - What more could a lifestyle photographer like myself ask for? Salt and pepper it with a little grade-A personal style, and you have one of my favourite families. (You may even remember them from a previous feature on this blog - Oh how they've grown!)

More often than not, I get people asking "What should we wear" and "What 'props' should we have on hand?" While I always welcome these questions with open arms (I love giving styling tips), I've never received any such inquiries from this clan. And I never worry. They ooze style. From coordinated neutral tones to complimentary floral prints. From perfectly 'unmatchingmatching boots to white-white-white everywhere you look (their home is like one giant light box!).

Plus they're awesome. Plain and simple. With midwest roots (like myself!) they've somehow managed to master the Brooklyn lifestyle swagger - charming, relaxed, and just a little off-beat. They're what photography dreams are made of - throughout the entire session saying things like "Oh, that's so fun" and "Do whatever you want" and then going ahead and creating the most beautiful candid moments without even trying. Capturing a mix of mum's ever growing belly (just 5 1/2 months and already so big!), the ever adorable cuties, and the entire family... there was an altogether organic flow through their entire session.

The moral of this story - I can't WAIT to photograph the arrival of their little newbie in February.

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