Friday, September 23, 2011

my studio | a space that inspires

I just have to declare it out loud: I'm madly in love with my 'office'!
And the fact that it gravitates to the fire escape on gorgeous days may or may not be a contributing factor :)
Here's a snippet of what inspires me in my immediate surroundings...

The light is amazing pretty much all day long - the most dramatic shadows streaming through one side while a deliciously soft and buttery glow spreads throughout.

There's green - and lots of it! This dear friend has many siblings sprawling throughout the entire space.

Homemade Green Tea Soymilk Lattes.

Urban Rustic. What's Brooklyn without Urban Rustic? (Side note, there's an amazing cafe by the same name that lives dangerously close by in the neighborhoood.) You might see tired decay. I see breathtaking colours and texture! 

Moments before sunset. The sky lights up with a sweep of movement... as if every cloud is racing to Manhattan to catch the cosmopolitan evening glow.

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