Friday, September 2, 2011

camera obscura | my killer arsenal

Just last week, upon pulling out my take-with-me-everywhere-i-go camera, a photography friend of mine declared, "Really? You have a point and shoot?" And the answer is "Yes". "Yes I do!" And this got me thinking about the stellar arsenal of cameras I have lining my closet (Yep! I still tuck each one away after every use). I don't necessarily think about it on a conscious level, but they all serve a different purpose, tell a different story, and suit a particular mood I might find myself in on any given day. And that got me thinking even more... about how wonderful and oh-so faithful they all are!

So here they are - Meet my team :)

name: Canon AE-1
price new: ??? (this thing is older than i am, but nowadays you can find one for around $150)
year i got it: 2004 (though I first started using one in 2002)
mood: inspired
significance: it was my first camera
best for: revisiting my roots and/or documenting the soul of an image as only film can capture.
how i use it: to practice slowing down and being intentional with each shot... you can't machine-gun shoot with a crank-and-advance-with-every-exposure film camera.
why i got it: i needed a film SLR camera for my photography 101 class. it's been creating stunning images from the very first moment i picked it up.

name: Canon Power Shot A620
price new: $240
year i got it: 2006
mood: fun
significance: it was my first digital camera
best for: documenting priceless moments on the fly (*bonus*: the pop-out screen that spins 360° is perfect for self portraits).
how i use it: take it with me everywhere i go... just in case.
why i got it: i needed a digital camera - my friends were sick of me "borrowing" theirs every weekend.

name: Canon EOS 40D
price new: $1300 (Body Only)
year i got it: 2008
mood: semi-pro
significance: it was my first digital SLR camera and foray into the professional world of photography. we've been through SO much together!
best for: quick, no-fuss pro-quality images... and transitioning into the practice of shooting manually.
how i use it: for more than 2 years this was my professional camera. now it's my backup and/or fancy candid camera.
why i got it: i needed an "affordable" digital SLR camera to launch me into the realm of pro photography... just to get my toes wet ;)

name: Holga 120 CFN with Color Flash (as if i'd get it without!)
price new: $47
year i got it: 2009
mood: creative
significance: my first toy camera AND dabble in medium format.
best for: that unpredictable trendy "artsy" look - but not as an iphone action ;)
how i use it: when i want to surrender total control and focus simply on composition, lighting, and the excitement of not knowing what i might get!
why i got it: it was a birthday gift... a way to let my creative juices flow when i was getting a little tunnel-vision about the whole pro photography thing.

name: Android
price new: $165
year i got it: 2010
mood: casual
significance: my first smartphone - the camera capabilities are definitely a plus!
best for: mindless shooting when i don't want to be bogged down by anything else (besides my phone which is always attached to my arm anyway)
how i use it: freeze the world around me as i'm experiencing it in the here-and-now.
why i got it: well i needed a new phone. and i wanted a smartphone. it was the best option with my service provider at the time. now it doesn't even hold a candle to the competition... ahem, iphone 4 (oh technology....)

image courtesy DP Review... since the queen of my fleet can't very well photograph herself!

name: Canon 5D MarkII
price new: $2500 (Body Only)
year i got it: 2010
mood: professional
significance: my first professional grade dSLR and no-turning-back investment into photography
best for: the serious stuff. and i mean SERIOUS! ;)
how i use it: for everything pro-related, from event and fashion (for now) to portrait and weddings - and beyond! it really is best suited for what i currently do - available light on the go. and it's wonderful for my latest venture - HD video.
why i got it: i decided it was time to take the next step (or leap, rather) in my commitment to living out my ambitions of being a professional photographer. plus there's the whole full frame sensor, higher mega pixels, great ISO range, and HD video capabilities - you know.

As for what remains on my wish list: a Mamiya, Leica M9, Hasselblad (both film and digital - not for the faint of heart), a Diana, Pinhole, and, and, and ... all in good time :) 

But shhhhh, don't tell my aforementioned team - they might get jealous ;)

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