Monday, August 29, 2011

Paris, Je T'Aime

It was my first* time visiting Paris, and I LOVED it.

* Notice I said "first", because it will undoubtedly not be my last.

I had 5 glorious days wandering the streets of this city of light. And what a dream! The architecture of every single building I stumbled upon was awe-inspiringly romantic, the long long days with sun setting well after 10pm were filled with the most stunning shadows and painterly skies, and the food... oh the food! Everything I anticipated, except better! Though I will confess it was a little bit of a challenge for a vegetarian like myself to blend into an extraordinarily carnivorous culture - baguette, cheese, and french onion soup to the rescue!

My adventures covered the entirety of many of Paris's arrondissement's (on foot of course!) - always looping back for a stroll in the Latin Quarter, Saint Germain, and Montmartre. From sun up to sun down I could be spotted wandering the streets, a baguette under one arm and a basket full of fromage in the other... while managing to balance two cameras in whatever free limbs remained! I made sure to hit all the hot spots, Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, Moulin RougeSacré-Cœur, the Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, Rue Cler markets,  and even ventured outside the city central to soak in the glory of Versailles (sooooo worth the detour!).

Ahhh, it was simply enchanting... and I can't keep myself from fantasizing about my next visit...

p.s. Be sure to check back for a little motion picture of my visit to Paris... which will hopefully be gracing this blog very soon ;)

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  1. OMG, Melissa! These are all amazing! Ok, this is Paris, no wonder... But the truth is: anything becomes beautiful when captured through your artistic eye and photographic lens...!

    Some of my favorites are (if not all):
    Pic #1 - Rainbow through the rainy window
    Pic #21 - Eiffel Tower amongst the street lights (I like how the Eiffel tower appears as if it belongs to the forest, with the other lights)
    Pic #42 (right) - The little Versaille people (through the fence)
    Pic #73 - Nice collage effect
    Pic #75 - Mrs Eiffel's undies (such an unknown view of that monument... I'm quite sure that if you crop the picture's sides a bit, no one would guess what it is)
    Pic #81 (left) - Could be called "La statue et le pigeon"... almost a tale from Lafontaine.
    Pic #89 - Sooo beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing ^^