Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Namur, Belgium Wedding | Michael & Sophie

When they asked me more than one year ago if I photographed weddings, I answered with a resounding "Absolutely Not!" Who would have known that just 14 months later I would be traveling across the globe to document their vows of love to one another.

Hopping over the proverbial pond, we eventually landed in the quaint remote city of Namur, Belgium - just an hour's drive outside of Brussels. Its many enchantments include a castle atop the city centre's hill (which happened to be hosting a Medieval festival that same weekend!), winding cobblestone streets, charming locals, and a centrally located river dividing the metropolis in two (much like Paris!).

Their theme of navy, granny-smith-green, and ivory woven through absolutely every detail, this wedding sang the perfect harmony of Clean, Crisp, and Modern. In many ways they stayed true to their roots, with the Groom's locally custom-made "midnight" suit (a gift from his Italian uncle, formerly a tailor at the prestigious "Le Maison Degand" in Belgium, it was complete with stunning accents of silk detailing) and Swarovski Bridal Jewelry originating from nearby Austria.

And of course, I must send a very enthusiastic nod to our gracious hosts aboard the Belrive, exquisite floral arrangements by local boutique Le Temps des Fleurs, and the truly celebratory cake by Traiteur Paulus.    

It was without a doubt an international wedding - with guests hailing from Belgium, Spain, Greece and good ol' US of A and speaking more languages than I could keep track of! To all of the lovely people who made Michael & Sophie's day one to remember forever... Merci. Gracias. σας ευχαριστώ. Thank you.

These two have been my biggest fans from the very beginning. While I initially got off to a slow start, I have discovered a LOVE for documenting love. And I owe it all to Michael & Sophie, whose love both began and inspired my venture into wedding photography. I will be eternally grateful!

To learn more about what makes this charming couple tick, click here.

So, I think I've already established the summary of my first EVER time photographing a wedding*... I ♥ love  it. I especially enjoyed the challenge of photographing on completely foreign grounds - everything was new and fresh and just waiting to be discovered by my lens! The moral of my story: this photographer proudly wears a sign around her neck saying "Will shoot for travel"!  So all you out-of-towners... don't ever hesitate to ring my inbox ;)

To see more images from Michael and Sophie's special day, visit their online collection.

* The first occasion where I photographed a wedding of my very own (aka: not a second shooter). I know what you're thinking... "Hey! What about that other wedding?" Well, simply put, the blog posts have been uploaded a little out of order ;) It happens to the best of us!

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Here I am, self-admittedly a newbie to this facet of the industry, so I would love to hear your thoughts/questions/comments/critiques. While I have truly appreciated the private messages I have received, please feel free to offer up your thoughts in the comment section so this can be an open forum to share and learn. I always love a good conversation, and if it's about photography... well :) Even better!


  1. shut up. i can't even believe this is your first solo wedding! unnnnn.real. i adore the first shot of her putting her makeup on in the mirror. and all the cute candid moments of the couple, ahh - such good stuff! :D

  2. Very cool! I don't recall seeing many 'official' wedding photos that have shots of the guests (when they aren't posed for those formal photos - even family members) and I love that you not only shot other people at a wedding, but that you also included them in this overview. Such gorgeous moments! I have two favourites: the photo of the car with all the wedding dress fabric spilling over the top (I wonder who's the passenger?) and the shot of the little girl looking at the bride. Wonderful! Great work!

  3. What amazing photos! Love your work!