Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene | The Aftermath

While the storm may not have been as severe as everyone was expecting (or perhaps it was), it was still wonderful amounts of exciting - both in yesterday's preparations and strolling the streets this morning perusing the wreckage left in Irene's wake.

Courtesy snapshots from my high-tech phone camera ;)

Boarding up the store windows in the anticipated arrival of Irene.

We did lose a tree - not to the uprooting that everyone expected, but from
actually snapping off at the base!

The tree took out a streetlight on its way down.

Mangled streetlight was beheaded from its post.

It managed to take out the fence on its way down as well!

Masking tape adorned many of the windows... but the sandbags were a special treat ;)

The city still sporting a dramatic skyline.

Choppy waters and strong winds still raced along the river into early Sunday Afternoon.

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