Friday, June 3, 2011

♥ Engaged ♥

This past Sunday I had the pleasure of photographing one of my favourite couples. And as if that wasn't awesome enough, what made it even better was that it was in celebration of their engagement!

This incredibly charming European couple is always full of good cheer. He's Spanish. She's Greek. Between the two of them they fluently speak so many languages I've lost count (I think it's at least 5 cumulatively). They met and lived in Belgium before moving to New York City 3 years ago and share a LOVE for all things chocolate (Hey, they lived in Belgium. Need I say more?).  A favourite pass time: enjoying long conversations over a sampling of NYC's hottest Sunday brunch spots. Oh, and staying up until 3, 4, or even 5 in the morning laughing with friends is no rare occasion for them.

Their love for one another is adorable. For as long as I've known them, they've never been able to keep their hands off eachother. My favourite part of the session was when they would lean in for a kiss after every time I lowered my lens to change the shot, to which I finally exclaimed "Save those for the camera!" Completely in keeping with his character, Michael replied with a smile "It's not as if we have a limited amount." And then I couldn't get them to stop!

Living in one of the most eclectic buildings south of 14th street (having been created by hotel/restaurant designer Philippe Starck), our photo session carried us through their deliciously designed home while also just as easily slipping us out their revolving doors onto the infamous Wall Street.

After more than 7 years of togetherness, they will be tying the knot this coming July in the beautiful town of Namur! With this NYC couple's nuptials taking place in Belgium and guests traveling from all across Europe and the United States, this will be one of the most international weddings I will have ever attended. And they won't stop there... just one week later they will be renewing their vows (I know! So soon!) in Greece where the bride's family will have the opportunity to partake in the celebration.

And I get to photograph it! I am beyond excited... and for good reason. As you may have gathered, this international couple knows how to have a good time. So their wedding will be nothing short of the party of the year! (No pressure you guys!)

Allow me to introduce the delightful Michael & Sophie...

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  1. wow!!!! Thats an incredible 1st e-session! Awesome job!!! <3 you!