Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Something Blue, Something New

Here they are - my debut of images from the very first wedding I've ever photographed! 
That's right - the very first Wedding EVER!

Sure, prior to this I've had the opportunity to assist at a couple of weddings (one of the most incredible experiences being that I assisted the wonderfully talented Ira Lippke at a Wall Street Cipriani wedding), but I had never had the joy of actually photographing a wedding. So this was a very special day!

I was afforded this opportunity by Lindsay Taryn, a fellow Brooklyn photographer, who so graciously gave me permission to include these images in my portfolio. You can see the full wedding on her blog.

While I am in no way to new to photography, this day was full of firsts: as I already mentioned, it was my first experience shooting a wedding, but it was also my first experience working as a second shooter!

So here is what I learned - fortunately not the hard way - regarding the responsibilities (and challenges) of being a second shooter:

- You always need to know where the main shooter is at all times
- Focus on capturing those shots that will supplement the story of the day and the main photographer's images (not the main iconic wedding images or angles)
- Your main purpose is to support the lead photographer and make HER look good 
- Never ever ever ever ever ever try to promote your own photography (aka: no passing out your own business cards or mentioning you also photograph weddings to any potential new clients)
- Be prepared to hand over all un-polished images (gasp!) for the lead photographer to scrutinize and use at will (kind of obvious, but that doesn't make it any less scary!)
- Be willing to do anything, and I mean ANYTHING! Nothing is "below" you. Be ready to haul 50lb bags over puddles and run to hail cabs in torrential rain. Somebody has to do it, so make that "somebody" YOU!

I am forever grateful to have had this first experience with an extraordinarily gracious lead photographer. We were gifted with an unusually relaxed and slow-paced day, so Lindsay was able (and willing) to talk me through much of what she does on the day of a wedding - including everything from uploading & culling images right before the reception to how to use a flash (Oh yes. That's right. Here I am. I own a $500 speedlight and I didn't even know how to use it. Let me tell you, that changed real fast!)

Everything about a second shooter experience is an absolute blessing - because while it's hard (and I mean HARD) work, it's incredibly worth it and will make you a better photographer in the end. Plus assisting other photographer's is not only a right of passage, but an opportunity to learn - not only for yourself - but for how you will go on to teach and shape the future of photography.

Fun Fact: I found out after the wedding that this was the same church where Al Capone was married in December of the year 1918.


  1. AHHHH!!!! SOOO excited for you!! Honestly... these shots are better than many second shooters Ive seen. You are ahead of your game girl! Anddddd you totally have the "second shooter to-do's" down!!!

  2. love all the pink flowers, and your tips on being a second shooter! way to go!!
    (i still don't know how to use my flash! i could definitely use some pointers!)