Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Mug

Well, here they are! The result of my very first experience in front of the (professional) lens.

I have to say, it was so much fun... for the first 15 minutes that is! I didn't realize how exhausting it is to be photographed! I always picked up on the fact that my clients would get a bit restless after about an hour and a half (hence this being the magical length for just about any photo session) so I quickly learned to plan the shoot accordingly. For me, however, I would still be buzzing with creativity at the 2 hour mark and, let's face it, probably wouldn't stop taking photos until someone peeled the camera out of my hands. It's not that it isn't tiring, I've just found that the fatigue doesn't hit me until about 20 minutes after a session finishes and I've finally sat down - though my adrenaline burst can quickly re-appear the moment I slide my memory card into the card reader and begin culling through the images.

But back to this session... Lindsay did such a great job of interacting with me from behind the lens... an absolute must for capturing those great candid moments (don't you worry, there will definitely be a blooper post sometime in the near future), though I couldn't help but let out a little sigh of relief when we would decide to switch and put her in front of the lens. Living life behind the lens is definitely my comfort zone, and I'm proud of it - I've worked hard to earn that Zen!

And let's not even start in on the drama of what to wear for a portrait session! I was still pulling looks from my closet (trying to figure out which one matched my eyes and which one was most figure-flattering and which one matched which shoes - and on and on it went) 10 minutes after our official start time. In the end I went with what truly represents me on a day-to-day basis - which clearly includes 5 inch stilettos!

I'll take jeans, a comfy tee, and my ever-faithful boots any day - ah, the beauty of being behind the lens!

Photographed by the ever lovely Lindsay of


  1. you're so pretty!! i love all the shots you chose to post :) it'll be interesting to compare them to which ones i end up choosing (you know, like 2 months from now... heh).

  2. Oh Lindsay, we both know you just made me look good! And 2 months is completely understandable... I had a little more incentive to get these finished :D Plus you're just taking care of business! A girl in high demand has a tight schedule to keep ;)

  3. you're a natural!!
    love the second-to-last and the forth-to-last. your eyes and expression are captivating :)

  4. 1, 5 & 7 are my favs! You are so gorgeous! It’s fun being on the other side of the camera huh!? ;)

  5. Thanks girls! I appreciate the feedback so much. I just can't over the fact that the second-to-last image has unanimous vote as a favourite and that's the one I'm really unsure about (I only added it because Ben liked it so much). Just proves it always helps to get an objective perspective!