Tuesday, February 22, 2011

WPPI? - Vegas & Photography

As many photographers know, this is the big WPPI week! Since I couldn't be in Vegas to partake in the festivities, I decided to bring a little Vegas to me. A few months back I received a promotional information packet in the mail about Vegas' newest shining star, the luxurious Aria hotel. Everything about the packaging was exquisite - and the paper was divine (I'm such a sucker for fine stationary & presentation!) Before recycling the packet I decided to save the front page - a delicate cut-away motif - thinking I could use it for something. Anything. I generally fight/satiate my natural urge to be a pack rat by allowing myself the indulgence of saving my favourite part of whatever I might fancy (i.e. my favourtite page instead of the entire magazine, the beautiful label from a clothing item instead of the entire price tag booklet, the crystals from an earring I find on the ground instead of the entire rusted accessory...). It is for this reason that I have been pegged with the nickname "Bower" or "Magpie" - the bird that notoriously collects and surrounds itself with beautiful things seemingly with neither rhyme nor reason.

After an inspiring conversation with a friend this past Friday I had the sudden ephinpy that this beautiful motif cutaway design I had been saving in my desk drawer could indeed serve a reclaimed purpose as a stencil for my bedroom wall! So I bounded out of bed bright and early yesterday morning with great vigor, the sort that only comes when the sun is shining brightly and a beautiful project is weighing heavily on the brain, and impulsively* began stenciling my bedroom wall (* as begin many of my "projects"). What I thought would take a couple short hours ended up taking all day, but fortunately it turned out to be absolutely gorgeous! The subtlety of the bedroom wall colour (appropriately named "calm") serving as a canvas for the intricate white design, the inconsistent and textured Mediterranean motif is a modern and personal twist on the ever-expensive wall papered aesthetic I've long adored.

AND I took pictures of it. See? Vegas and Photography rolled into one. It's basically the same thing as WPPI :)

To all my friends at WPPI