Thursday, February 24, 2011

RED is NOT our enemy!

While red may not be the easiest colour to photograph, and it has a tendency to cast/bounce horrid colour shadows (this paired with the already intricate balance of flattering skin tones = a photographer's worst nightmare!), used right it can add a beautiful and dramatic tone to any portrait - even newborn! And never before has there been a better time to embrace this brazen tone...

(This just in - The New York 2011 fall fashion verdict predicts: You'll be craving crimson!)

But how DO those photographers get such even clean light every single time
Especially when shooting red!

As with all things photography, light is key! When shooting red, try to keep your ISO low and your in camera exposure as accurate as possible. Red is one of the first colours to blowout in hot magenta & orange hues when overexposed or conversely litter an image with ugly ugly ugly noise when underexposed. 

1st: Look for a room with soft indirect light streaming in through a good sized window.

Or, since this isn't always a perfect world...

2nd: If said light is NOT available, then find a window with a strong sunlight bursting through. You can't create natural light (hence it being "natural") but you can reduce it once you have it! In the case of this rouge accented bed series, the set up was so stunning I couldn't not shoot it. So when the sun peeked out from behind a neighboring building, casting a strong harsh shadow across the bed I had to get creative. Thankfully I had my light filter with me to diffuse the strong rays, but had I not had my trusty lifesaver on hand anything light & semi translucent would have sufficed! Sheer white curtains are the perfect diffuser! So next time, look around and see what you might have on hand to soften the light!

It appears I'm not the only one with Red on the brain today. Check out The Creative Mama for more tricks and tips to photographing this spirited shade.

But back this shoot:

I loved the modern take on Indian culture that infused every corner of this family's home. Bold tones and intricate patterns ran rampant through each room's aesthetic. So much inspiration!

Design and conceptual taste aside, this gorgeous family was such a joy to photograph! The congenial and easy-going ambiance that filled their home fostered great freedom in exploring my creative process. And, seriously, I hope I look as good as this mom did just 5 days after giving birth!

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