Monday, February 7, 2011

DOUBLE magazine

This past weekend I had the honor of  working with set designer Andrew Ondrejcak on an editorial shoot for French magazine DOUBLE. It was a great privilege to witness this seasoned professional's artistic process. With only a few years experience, this creative guru has already regularly collaborated with legendary photographer's such as Peter Lindbergh and Steven Klein and magazines in the league of Italian Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. Beginning in the world of theatre, Andrew stumbled into the fashion industry when an agent approached him after seeing his inspiring design work in a stage production. Being signed onto an agency with no portfolio to show for the creative convictions stirring within, Andrew fortuitously collaborated with designer Phillip Lim at the onset of each of their fashion careers. Having recently been signed with the prestigious agency The Wall Group, his impressive portfolio of clients continues to grow exponentially.

With 2 very long days to shoot 80 pages, acclaimed photographer Roe Ethridge was solicited by Artist Commissions to lend his fine art tendencies to this fashion spread. It was remarkable to observe an accomplished photographer whose work has been exhibited both internationally and locally, in galleries and museums such as the MoMA. He was shooting Hasselblad (of course) and had the most intricate lighting setup I have ever seen - a bit of a surprise since his final images often boast a deceivingly simple style. At any given time there were as many as 8 studio light sources - not including reflectors! -  being directed by a brilliant lighting specialist accompanied by his two assistants.

Nestled in studio #4 of Williamsburg's very own Root Studios, amidst an average of 13 people huddled around the set of each shot, there I was steaming curtains, straightening props, handing the models bubble gum (Oh yes, there was bubble gum!), and moving tables. Nothing glamourous by any means, but the rewards were endless. The team was amazing - both in creativity and character. One of my favourite designs of Andrew's was an ad hoc sculpture constructed with Alexander McQueen Floral Wedge T-strap sandals and bronzed figurines that looked as if they had escaped from a Rococo painting.

Pouring over the final images of this shoot will be a greatly anticipated and insatiable delight in the several months leading up to its publication. But for now, this simple phone shot will have to suffice.

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