Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Baby Bites Brooklyn - Mini Photo Sessions

The Baby Bites Brooklyn Mini Photo Session Weekend was a blast - but it sort of got off to a rocky start! 

First of all, my alarm never went off. I went to bed with a fully charged phone set with 3 separate alarms to ensure I wouldn't miss my 6:45am wake up call. Fortunately, my husband's 7am alarm went off, (which I, of course, slept through) and he so kindly shook me out of my deep slumber.

Upon awakening, however, I was struck with extreme bouts of nassau - so bad I could hardly stand up without feeling like I was going to tip right over (and no, I'm not pregnant!). But what's a girl to do when she has 5 sessions lined up for the day?????? The show must go on.

That is, unless you're relying on public transportation on a weekend morning! It took 30 minutes for my train to finally arrive, and then even when it did,  it moved excruciatingly slow, only to stop halfway to my destination with an announcement that, "Due to railway construction, this will be the final stop on this train." Great news was, they offered another train for alternate weekend service. Bad news, it took another 20 minutes to arrive! Now, considering I'm the type of person who is almost always at least 15 minutes early to everything, I was about to go into cardiac arrest. Mixed with the aforementioned nassau, this is a not-so-good combination!

Fortunately, my first family was running late as well, and only arrived at the park minutes before I did. Also great, was that being the overly-prepared person that I am, I had scheduled in a 15 minute cushion time between each session, "just in case". Unfortunately for me, that 15 minute cushion did not account for a 30 minute delay in beginning the sessions, and it wasn't until the 4th session that I finally got back on schedule.

Lesson learned: Plan to arrive not 15, or even 30, but 45 minutes before a session. Just in case. Oh, and always leave your phone plugged in, even if it's fully charged, when you absolutely MUST wake up to an alarm the next morning!

We had soooooo much fun though, that by the end of the day I had forgotten all about the morning madness. Here are sneak peaks from the sessions of the day!

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