Thursday, May 13, 2010 Gets a Facelift got a facelift!

Serving as photographer, graphic designer, and website creator for mlkl photography has been a lot of work and a very long road, but it has certainly paid off - not only in $avings, but also in the creative freedom it has allowed me!

One of my quirks is the inability to commit. I'm a wandering nomad, in both life and creative pursuits. So anytime I create something I almost immediately grow restless and itch to trade it in for a newer, better (although this point is debatable) model. My website is no exception. Since it's conception one year ago, it has been drastically altered at least seven times, with mild modifications also occurring bi-monthly.

But alas, I think we finally have a winner! I've been sitting pretty on my latest design for almost one month, and have yet to file any complaints (It's a good thing too, because I really don't think I can afford to re-hire myself to schedule in yet another new design). In fact, I'll even disclose to my general loving public that the current design brings a prideful smile to my face each time I visit the site.

So visit my site while its hot, because while my fondness for the current design is a sure sign of true love, my loyalty may waver as I become distracted with the thought of upgrading to a newer, "better" model.


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