Monday, February 15, 2010

Old as New

"Ethereal" & "feminine" are two words I perpetually hear used to describe my images. It seems it is a creative identity I cannot escape. And yet, I am always pushing for something new, whether that be new photographic techniques or lighting... even if in the end it still translates in the same way. This new series involved a lot of experimentation. Thankfully I had a crew that was patient with me as I shot, shot, and re-shot the same setting & pose in multiple ways. 

I began my photographic journey long ago working with film and identified strongly with the organic raw qualities of such images. While many of my images are now photographed digitally I am still a strong believer in creating a beautiful image the moment it is captured by the camera, as opposed to "building" the image in photoshop. This may change, but for now I am appreciating the skill involved in exercising  my creativity pre-, instead of post-, production. 

Below are just a few of the images from this shoot. You can see these and other images in the "fashion" and "beauty" sections of my website at

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