Tuesday, January 26, 2010


When one wakes up to a cold, cloudy, wintery Tuesday, what is there to do to brighten up the day but photograph a favourite poppet? (In addition, of course, to listening to the lovely & inspiring Ella Fitzgerald). I began the day quite on task: a few emails, a couple of new card designs, and then on to my masterpiece in progress: a hard cover collection of my images. I am embarrassed to admit I only got halfway through my first card design before my wandering fingers led me on a tangent to photographers' blogs... websites... and then, ah-hah! I saw behind me a burst of light come through the window, and I was suddenly stricken with a deep urge to photograph Ms. Poppet (named after www.poppetnyc.com - whose generous owner gifted her to me when she departed dear NYC for the spirited city of Boston). A couple of hours later I had these beautiful images but was none-the-closer to finishing my card designs or even commencing my book work. My divergence today - I blame it on Ella.

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