Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Beautiful Horizon

A gloomy forecast meant Saturday's big family shoot was rescheduled for this upcoming weekend. Hopefully this Saturday turns out to be conducive for comfortable shooting outside.
A new addition to an already busy week - busy with a thrilling on-location fashion shoot (the location is yet to be disclosed) that rings with promise of a thrill in keeping with the season's theme. Intrigued?
Then, upon being contacted by a model coming through town, I booked a third shoot for the week. As an artist, I oft slip into a stupor gazing off into the middle distance or lay awake at night tormented with visuals of photographs that live inside my head. I can only find relief once this image has been materialized for all the world to look upon, appreciate, and criticize. This last-minute shoot, being more narrative in tone, will be a fabrication of one such mental image.
Images are soon to come...

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