Monday, March 17, 2014

Quito, Ecuador | My Return to South America


I've recently returned from yet another 2 week wander through Ecuador. After a similar visit just one year ago, splitting my time between the Ecuadorian cities of Guayaquil, Cuenca, and Montañita, I couldn't resist going back for more. But whereas my last journey took me along with Western Coast and down into the Southern Andes Mountains, this trip would guide me through the North, beginning in the mountainous capital of Quito and winding deep into the Amazonian jungle of the East... stopping at a few volcanos along the way.

To give this trip the homage it's due, I've decided to break the visual diary of my journey into segments of each city I visited. Traveling is a chance to breathe, to renew, to gain a new perspective. Sometimes living in the moment is the best lesson a person can learn. As always, I dedicated myself to traveling light, fast, and relatively worry free.... trusting my lightest (and cheapest) 50mm lens to document all of the wonders along the way. It never seizes to amaze me what that little lens can do!

So, we begin with Quito. Next to come... the volcanic town of Baños - where the volcano was actually active during our stay! Stay tuned...

A panoramic view of Ecuador's capital city, Quito, from the Teleferico that runs up the side of Pichincha Volcano.
If you know me at all, you know I LOVE alpacas... my favourite animal in the whole world! If you want to know why, just ask... but be prepared because once you get me started talking about them it's very difficult for me to stop.
As friendly as I was, the Ecuadorian horses didn't find my Spanish to be that impressive.
The Bird Garden Guest House was our incredible host for the latter half of our stay in Quito. Bird Garden Guest House can be booked via Airbnb under their alias "Doorway to the Heart of the City" 

* Bird Garden Guest House can be booked via Airbnb under their alias "Doorway to the Heart of the City"

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Well Wed Hamptons Blog | Vintage Hollywood Styled Shoot Featured


After all the love Well Wed Hamptons gave us this past January with a pretty 3 page feature in their print publication, it was an wonderful surprise to get a nod of affection this past February on their blog as well!

You can see the full feature on the Well Wed Hamptons Blog.

Styled Bridal Shoots are by far one of my favourite things to photograph. They require countless hours/weeks/months of planning and coordination (to put it mildly!). They involve getting so inspired about an idea yourself that you bubble over with excitement, convincing other creatives to jump on board with collaborating to make something truly truly unique and beautiful. And that's the primary motivating factor. It costs a lot - in both sweat and money - to make it happen. But we do it because we love it!

So when others come along afterward finding inspiration in the images we've all worked so hard to create, it's an added bonus. One that feels really really good. Knowing that we've inspired others makes every moment of the process worth it!


As always, thanks to my remarkable team. I couldn't do it with out them!
Photography: Melissa Kruse | Coordinator/Canopy Designer: Michelle Friedman of Olam Weddings | Caterer: Naturally Delicious | Stylist: Angelina Vivace | Floral Design: Kerry Quade | Stationary: Dauphine Press | Hair: Kristina Bauzo | Makeup: Brandalyn Fulton | Model (Bride): Claudia Kiss Model (Groom): Zachary Kapple Venue: Picnic House, Prospect Park, Brooklyn NY| Gown: Ivy and Aster | Hairpiece: Julia Clancey | Jewelry: Lulu Frost & Rebekah Lea | Shoes: Kate Spade

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Baby Gus | Brooklyn Newborn Photographer


This is one of those families you can't help but fall in love with - they live to laugh! Having first met Erin more than 5 years ago, I've had the joy of watching (and photographing) her family grow from 2... to 3... and now 4! Beginning on a wintery day in 2009 with a maternity session followed two short months later with the arrival of her first little one, fast forward 4 and a half years and we now have a mighty masked super hero in a blue cape running circles around his new baby brother.

It's not often I get the chance to photograph newborns any more... so when I do I cherish each and every tiny detail. From the bitty toes that curl up when you touch the bottom of their feet to the little fingers that instinctively grip onto anything that comes within their reach. New life continues to amaze me... and at just 5 days old, wide-eyed baby Gus was wholeheartedly embracing the world.